Additional Partners: Afghan Medical Association of America

Partners from Loma Linda University and Afghanistan's Kabul Medical Institute implemented a program for faculty development and continuing medical education at Kabul Medical Institute. The partners also reorganized and updated basic and clinical science programs at Kabul Medical Institute and delivered essential new equipment.

Two administrators from Kabul Medical Institute visited Loma Linda University to observe how Loma Linda's medical school is organized and functions, obtain details about Loma Linda's curriculum and better understand the process for preparing for board exams.

Five physicians from Loma Linda's Departments of Emergency Medicine, Natal Intensive Care Unit, and Pediatrics presented a series of lectures at Kabul Medical Institute on advanced cardiac life support for adults, infants, and children.

Two faculty from Kabul Medical Institute attended Loma Linda University on a three-month faculty development fellowship that focused on lecture preparation, production and administration of exams, building English skills, and classroom observation. Loma Linda partners taught English to Afghan faculty and students.

Finally, the partners set up both a microscope lab (with 34 microscopes) and a computer lab (with 45 computers) at Kabul Medical Institute.

As an outgrowth of the Loma Linda faculty's role as educators in the partnership, the professionals of Kabul Medical Institute and the Afghan Ministry of Health have come to rely on Loma Linda University to help them meet the challenges of rebuilding a health care system and network.

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Loma Linda University; Kabul Medical Institute




Apr 2003–Dec 2004

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