This partnership's goal was to build local institutional capacity for rapid teacher training in basic education.

Responding to urgent educational needs in Afghanistan, the partners increased the Afghanistan Education University’s (AEU) capability to train accelerated learning facilitators at the community level, developed culturally appropriate training materials, and promoted dialogue on the role of rapid teacher training in Afghan Education University's academic program.

To support project activities, the partners established a Center for Active and Accelerated Learning at Afghan Education University. The Center houses project materials, provides logistical support for workshops and other linkage activities, and provides translation services.

Originally, the partners had planned to train only ten “master trainers,” but due to overwhelming demand—and despite enormous infrastructure and security challenges—they trained 38. Those 38 master trainers conducted workshops for 371 participants in six Afghan provinces.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

University of Massachusetts Amherst; Afghanistan Education University




Apr 2003–Aug 2005

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