Additional Partners: Khan Foundation, Women for Women.

This partnership assessed shelter and program resources for individuals’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding domestic violence. The partners developed educational, training, and media materials to address domestic violence issues.

Working together, the partners developed curricula, expertise, research, strategies, and educational materials at the Independent University of Bangladesh to address domestic violence in Bangladesh. With this partnership, Removing Barriers of Domestic Violence from Women's Full Participation in Civic Society and Democracy in Bangladesh, they also focused on removing barriers that domestic violence imposes on women’s socioeconomic mobility and political participation.

Among other activities, the partners surveyed more than 170 women workers and held five focus groups on knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding domestic violence. They established links with various domestic violence programs and shelters and consulted with legal experts, psychologists, health care practitioners, and women’s organizations in both the United States and Bangladesh.

The partnership trained more than 600 Bangladeshi nationals (including 100 men) on legal matters, shelter programming, research methodologies, and interviewing techniques. The collection of organizations working on domestic violence now provides a voice to this sensitive topic and services to women in the countryside. Reporters continue to write about domestic violence issues, and more material is regularly appearing in the media. A project brochure, printed using HED support, continued to be reprinted and circulated throughout Bangladesh long after the project closed.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Independent University of Bangladesh


South Asia


Dec 2002–May 2005

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