Additional partners: University of Mines and Technology (Ghana), University of Benin (Nigeria).

The extensive poverty and diminished gross domestic product wealth in most sub-Saharan African countries can be traced to a shortage of human capacity and scientific infrastructure, among other factors. However, many continue to believe that technology transfer alone can bridge the gap.

Numerous recent studies show that to achieve sustainable development, economic growth, and wealth creation, technology transfer must be accompanied by capacity building through the training of well-qualified local scientists and engineers.

This partnership between Tuskegee University and Burkina Faso’s International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) will establish a network of centers of excellence in water and environmental science and technology in three higher education institutions in Africa. 2iE will serve as the principal African partner. Additional Africa partners are the University of Mines and Technology in Ghana and the University of Benin in Nigeria.

The partners will focus on improving faculty and curriculum development, mobilizing African scientists who have sought work elsewhere in the world, developing technology and problem solving capacity; creating linkages with private, public and non-government organizations, and raising the quality of facilities and equipment at the participating African institutions.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Tuskegee University; International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering


Sub-Saharan Africa


Apr 2011–Jun 2015

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