Limited training for English language teachers in Mexico's public schools can be a roadblock for middle school students who wish to improve their language skills. With more than 6,000 teachers of English in the Mexican school system, the opportunity for widespread improvement in student mastery is well within reach. Through knowledge exchange and technological advances, dedicated faculties at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and Georgia State University created a framework for sustainable solutions.

The partners tackled gaps in teacher training to fulfill a critical partnership goal: creating an English Language, Learning and Teaching Distance Learning Specialization. The Specialization, which was approved by the Mexican Ministry of Education and included in the Catalogue of In-Service Course Offerings for the Basic Education Sector, is being supported in part by four Mexican scholars who enrolled at Georgia State with partnership support to earn their Master of Arts degrees in Applied Linguistics.The partners contributed to the Mexican government’s goal of training 100,000 in-service teachers in ESL.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Georgia State University; Universidad Pedagogica Nacional


Latin America & the Caribbean


Oct 2008–Sep 2011

Funding Level:


Cost Share:


Success Story

Online Specialization Offers Improved Training to Mexican ESL Teachers With more than 6,000 English language teachers across Mexico’s public schools, the potential for middle school students to improve their language skills is well within reach; however, limited training for teachers remained an obstacle. But dedicated faculties at two higher education institutions created a framework for sustainable solutions.

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