Additional partners: Center for Tropical Research; Tropical Conservation and Development.

The University of Florida’s Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program and the Universidad Veracruzana’s Center for Tropical Research (CITRO) collaborated to train a new generation of Mexican leaders in conservation and sustainable development.

The program expanded a network of diverse stakeholders invested in conservation of Mexico’s managed landscapes; training students in the expansion process and bringing multiple perspectives and talents to bear on biodiversity conservation and sustainable rural development.

Two important components of the partnership were expanded experiential learning opportunities and long-term exchanges of faculty members, which provided in-depth training and exposure to the local context. Leveraged funding from the United States Fulbright Scholar Program allowed two University of Florida faculty members to spend the academic year at Universidad Veracruzana to team-teach courses alongside their Universidad Veracruzana counterparts.

Universidad Veracruzana also participated in nine-month sabbaticals at University of Florida to complete the university’s Natural Resource Leadership Institute and develop a new curriculum modeled after this program at Universidad Veracruzana.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

University of Florida; Universidad Veracruzana


Latin America & the Caribbean


Dec 2009–Jun 2012

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