Additional partners: Zayed Univeristy; Dubai School of Government; The UAE University, Al-Ain.

The American University of Sharjah and the University of Southern Maine, along with Zayed University and faculty at several other universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are partnering to establish the UAE Gender and Women’s Studies Consortium. The Consortium will support an emerging network of scholars working in the area of women’s and gender studies in the UAE.

The Consortium is working to strengthen courses and course components in gender and women’s studies throughout the member institutions, foster a vibrant research environment at those institutions and provide post-baccalaureate opportunities to graduates. Partners are focused on creating an institutionalized nexus for gender and women’s studies within the UAE higher education landscape that will remain active after the funding period ends.

Professors from the University of Southern Maine (USM) are working with UAE faculty to develop women’s studies courses and curriculum relevant to the Gulf Region and sensitive to the rich cultural traditions of Islam. At the same time, UAE professors are helping their U.S. counterparts to better integrate material on gender in the Gulf Region into USM’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program courses.

In 2012 the Consortium will host the UAE Women’s Studies Conference, the first such conference in the Gulf Region. Following the conference, UAE faculty will join USM faculty in the delivery of courses for an intensive summer graduate certificate for UAE students in Gender and Education, which will be jointly awarded by the University of Southern Maine’s College of Education and Human Development and its Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

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University of Southern Maine; American University of Sharjah


Middle East & North Africa


Dec 2008–Aug 2012

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